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Year 6 Kestrel Class

This morning Year 6 were challenged to measure their perimeter using only a small plate of baked beans, a ruler and a small piece of string. They then had to convert the measurement into centimetres. They showed amazing team work and resilience. Their problem solving skills really shone through.

Measuring our perimeter with baked beans.

To finish off our WW2 topic we had a visit from the Peace Museum. We looked at the importance of peace and how we can peacefully make our voice heard. We learnt that we have a responsibility to uphold peaceful relationships in our own lives through acceptance and kindness. We know that we should always show our inner beauty and allow the inner beauty of others to shine through. It is this that will form the building blocks of peaceful relationships and communities. We finished off by signing our own class peace pledge,

Visit from the Peace Museum.

Year 6 investigate how light, which travels in a straight line can travel round corners.

11.11.21 Today we launched our Viking topic by examining artefacts to see what they give away about Viking life.

Robinwood Pictures

Robinwood Information Presentation.

Kestrel Class


Welcome to Year 6 Kestrel Class. 

The Year 6 team is:

Mrs Odell

Mrs Simons

Mrs McCourt.


Our topic this term is the Saxons and the Vikings. We will be looking for evidence to support the view that Anglo Saxon justice led to a civil society and whether the Vikings were barbaric. Year 6 will also be looking at adaptation and evolution. I know there will be lots of interesting discussions about what they have inherited from their parents. 



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