West End Primary School and Nursery

Be Your West End Best

Extra Curricular

At West End we offer a range of extra curricular activities to enhance the children's experiences beyond the classroom. With a focus on promoting physical and emotional wellbeing across school, we offer activities that help the children to engage in sport, games and physical activity as well as relaxing and calming sessions such as art and Lego. Pupil voice is taken into account and we consult with our children and families to ensure we are offering a range of clubs which have a high uptake. This year so far we have offered, skateboarding, cross country, multi-skills, netball, basketball, dodgeball and football, Lego, art and Spanish. 

Lego Club

Year 3 enjoy Lego club on Tuesday evening. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to work collaboratively on projects. It allows their creativity to flow and develops teamwork. Not to mention, having an awful lot of fun!!!