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Extra Curricular

At West End we offer a range of extra curricular activities to enhance the children's experiences beyond the classroom. With a focus on promoting physical and emotional wellbeing across school, we offer activities that help the children to engage in sport, games and physical activity as well as relaxing and calming sessions such as art and Lego. Pupil voice is taken into account and we consult with our children and families to ensure we are offering a range of clubs which have a high uptake. This year so far we have offered, skateboarding, cross country, multi-skills, netball, basketball, dodgeball and football, Lego, art and Spanish. 

STEM activities are proven to enrich pupil learning, understanding and enjoyment of the full curriculum. Our STEM club is a fun and creative extra-curricular session for Year 3, 4 and 5!

The children spend their time following a set of instructions to produce a variety of different prototypes linked to the Science, Maths or Engineering industries. All of the projects require DT skills, but it is fundamental that children work as a team to design, make and evaluate their work. Most recently, the children have created a paddle board to try out at home.

This week the children worked on Chromatography the technique used to separate mixtures. The mixture is passed through another substance, in this case filter paper. The different colour ink particles travel at different speeds through the filter paper allowing us to see the constituent colours of the pen ink. The children enjoyed making Mothers Day flowers. 

A bunch of flowers

Lunch time clubs available for the children this half term:



SkippingAll Years  (outside)
FootballYears 1 and 5  (outside)  
Lego, drawing, board gamesAll Years (Nurture Room)     



SkippingAll Years
FootballYears 2 and 6
Lego, drawing, board gamesAll Years (Nurture Room)    
RecordersYears 3 and 4             



SkippingAll Years
Football        Years Reception and Year 3
Lego, drawing, board games    All Years (Nurture Room)
Choir     Years 3 - 6 (Night Owls Room)



SkippingAll Years
Football     Year 1 and Year 4         
Lego, drawing, board gamesAll Years (Nurture Room)     



Skipping                                 All Years
Band              Years 3-6 (Night owls Room)
Lego, drawing, board gamesAll Years (Nurture Room)


After School Clubs available for children this half term:


MondayClubYear GroupRun By Location
 KickboxingY3-6Outside providerMain Hall
 ChoirY3-6Mrs YeadonY5 Classroom


TuesdayClubYear GroupRun ByLocation
 Performing ArtsY1 & 2Outside providerMain Hall
 Art Y1-6Mrs WaltonY6 Classroom




Year GroupRub ByLocation
 SmartyPantsR-Y2Outside providerReception Classroom
 Boardgames / LegoY1-6Mrs WoodMain Hall
 ArtY1-6Mrs WaltonY6 Classroom


ThursdayClubYear GroupRun ByLocation
 ChessY3 & 4Mr HarkinsY5 Classroom
 ArtY1-6Mrs WaltonY6 Classroom