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Welcome to Puffin Class - our school nursery!



This page celebrates the wonderful learning that happens in Puffin Class. Our learning is done through play, it's how children learn best! We follow the children's interests meaning no two weeks are the same. 


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Summer 1: Easter break - May half term


This half term we have had a wonderful time learning about Queen Elizabeth; preparing for and celebrating her Platinum Jubilee! We have learnt all about her, the things she likes and the jobs she does. It was really interesting to focus on the passage of time; learning about the Queen at the different stages of her life and for the children to realise that their parents and grandparents used to be babies and young children too! The nursery children have designed and made beautiful crowns, created perfumes from flowers and leaves, decorated fabulous bunting, constructed castles and palaces, made and posted a fantastic celebratory card and been inspired by all things regal.

During our walk to the post office with our card for the Queen we enjoyed being detectives, looking for clues of the jubilee. We were thrilled to see themed shop windows, lots of red, white and blue, bunting hung and we even found the clock installed by the park in celebration of the Golden Jubilee, 20 years ago!

Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed taking care of our own caterpillars who we have watched grow bigger and bigger, spin chrysalis and begin to transform into butterflies before our very eyes. It has been a wonderful experience and really captured the children's interest and imagination. We have had caterpillars created from everything from playdough, crafting materials and paint to drawings, Duplo models and even sand sculptures!


Spring 2: February half term - Easter break


What a fabulous half term we have had! At the very beginning we learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and why people use up their rich foods by making pancakes, then we made and ate our own.

The nursery children enjoyed joining in our whole school celebration of traditional tales on World Book Day by dressing as their favourite characters and bringing in a prop for us to guess their story from - we had everything from magic beans (Jack and the Beanstalk) to wooden spoons (The Gingerbead Man) and porridge oats (Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

Stories are always very popular in nursery with the children enjoying listening to them, looking at books, acting out and retelling their favourites. Each term we choose a 'favourite five' set of books which we repeatedly read together allowing us to develop our reading and literacy skills.

We were thrilled to have a visit from a dentist who came to teach us all about oral health; showing us how to keep our teeth clean and healthy and bringing in some great games and resources for us to use.

We continue to explore and investigate the world around us, enjoying watching the changes in the weather and admiring the beautiful daffodils and tulips we have grown. On our trips into the woods we have noticed the bluebells beginning to grow and have spotted lots of buds appearing on the trees.


Spring 1: January - February half term


We have been very busy this half term spending lots of time developing our fine motor skills and enjoying learning about the natural world around us. The children in nursery have enjoyed walking and exploring in the woods close to school where we collected natural items to create potions and frozen art. We used scissors to snip at and cut up our leaves, twigs and berries putting them in pots before pouring in water and letting the overnight frost freeze our creations - the results were amazing! We loved hanging our frozen art on the fences and watching as they slowly thawed through the day.

Our potion making extended to indoors as we have experimented with using small scoops, pipettes and tweezers to help us mix different colours and substances to see if we would get a change or reaction; the fizziness of vinegar and baking soda was one of our favourites.

The Puffin children were excited to spend time learning about the festival of Luna New Year, finding out lots of fascinating facts and trying their hand at Chinese writing.

Back in September and October we planted Spring bulbs in our nursery garden which have begun to poke through the soil, we were thrilled to see the shoots emerging and are wondering how much they will have grown by the time we get back from half term?


Autumn 2: October half term - December


This half term we have enjoyed learning about lots of different festivals and celebrations from birthdays, Halloween, bonfire night, Diwali and Hanukkah to Christmas and weddings.

Our nursery children took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week, enjoying learning and practicing new and old favourite rhymes. We have some super performers who used puppets, toys, teddies, books, instruments and microphones to perform their favourite rhymes and songs to us!

Continuing on the performance theme we took part in the Early Years Christmas production where we were shining stars - the children loved being able to get up on the stage in our school hall with their friends in Robin Classes and perform for their grown ups

The Puffin children all have a 'super square' on the wall in our room where they can choose to display the super work they do. These squares are filling our walls with their individuality, personality and gorgeous splashes of colour. It is wonderful to see the children's pride at having their work on the wall and delightful to see them showing and discussing it with their friends and the staff.