West End Primary School and Nursery

Be Your West End Best

Nursery Puffin Class

We are sorry that you aren't well enough to be at school, or that you are having to self isolate. Below is a table of activities you might like to try, can you get three in a row? We would love to see what you have been busy doing, please use Tapestry to send us photographs or videos.


Draw a picture of something that makes you happy!

Build a tower that is taller than you – you could use cushions, wooden bricks, tins of soup; anything at all!



Share a book with your favourite teddy. Can you remember the story or will you make up your own to go with the pictures?

Go for a listening walk around your house and/or garden. What can you hear? Can you hear sounds from outside when you are inside?

Sing a number rhyme – you might have toys or teddies you can use to help you. 5 little ducks or 10 in the bed maybe?

Make a snack or a meal for yourself. Can you spread cheese on a cracker or make a sandwich? Perhaps you can help an adult make some toast.


Make a musical instrument out of a used yogurt pot and tin foil or an empty bottle and some rice, lentils or dried beans.

Create a cosy den then snuggle up to listen to a story or sing some of your favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

Use an odd sock or glove to make a puppet. You could draw or stick on eyes and a mouth. Give your puppet a name!