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The children continue to thrive and amaze us with their enthusiastic engagement and amazing learning.  This term has been full of 'firsts': assemblies, lunches, theme days, pumpkin rolling, fire drills.....  No matter what the experience has been the children have confidently approached the experience and done their 'West End Best'.  We are so proud of everything that you have achieved!  Take a look at some pictures of our  first term's experiences and adventures: 

What are we learning about? 

Wow, the class are so busy learning, through class sessions, group activities and play-led learning; no wonder they are all tired and grubby at the end of every day!  Whatever the topic or subject we endeavour to evaluate where your child's understanding is and plan to move them into their next steps in learning - through whichever approach best suits them.  Some children love to learn outside, whilst others like to collaborate on a project with friends.  Some children learn best by repeating a skill in lots of different activities, whilst others rise to the challenge of creating a new experience


Throughout the day we incorporate whole class sessions where we introduce new concepts and practice established skills.  It is lovely to see the children then apply this knowledge in different activities.


This term has seen us all becoming readers and writers.  We are learning the Phase 2 Phonic sounds as well as some Common Exception Words.  We are busy applying these skills to read and spell words, phrases and sentences.   Some children like to write letters or books, others are happier with chalk 'decorating' the wooden fences.  In order to become more careful writers we complete daily challenges to strengthen our fingers and ready ourselves for a good pencil grip.  Pegging washing, scooping beans, threading beads and the ever popular dough gym are some of the ways we have done this.  


We give daily attention to letter formation to try to ensure that everyone gets it right 'from the start' and prevent bad habits forming.  The whiteboards are very popular for doing this on!

Our patterning and number work is really embedded into our setting, with children spotting and creating patterns, counting and making collections.  We are exploring the fascination of all of the smaller numbers, making groups and identifying groups within larger groups.  Who knew that we could learn so much whilst playing!


Our topic work follows calendar events and the children's interests: Pumpkins, Bonfire night and Diwali  have all been popular themes.  Additionally, the children

will be finding out about jobs as we learn about 'Real Life Superheroes'.  We wonder what they would like to be when they grow up? 


Our personal and social development has been focussed around turn taking in games and conversations.  We have also been challenging ourselves to work with a different person or to try out a different activity.  The children have been thrilled with their achievements.  

We will continue to explore interests and events as the term progresses. 

Pumpkin Fun

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