West End Primary School and Nursery

Be Your West End Best

Year 2 Goldfinch Class

If your child needs to stay at home but is well enough to engage with school work please have a go at some of these activities on the first two days. Please send us an update on Tapestry to let us know how they have got on.  Should they be absent from school for longer than two days, we will send you a daily Tapestry post with suggested activities - as far as possible these will be the same, or similar, to those which we are doing in the classroom.  

If your child follows an individual curriculum, please contact the school and we will provide alternative resources.


There are lots of lessons within each link.  There is no expectation that you complete them all, just do what you can.

Reading - 
1. Choose your favourite book. Draw and label one of the characters.

2. Read your school reading book and practise improving fluency. 

3. Use the Reading Planet resources for additional reading material. 

There are lots of additional resources on the Get pages, have a go at some of those if you have time too!

Maths - have a look at these two White Rose lessons to revise some of your addition and subtraction skills.

Number bond revision

Related facts revision

Maths - home learning worksheets