West End Primary School and Nursery

Be Your West End Best

Year 2 Goldfinch Class

If you are working from home have a look at the tasks below. Please send us an update on Tapestry to let us know how you have got on.  

If your child follows an individual curriculum, please contact the school and we will provide alternative resources.


There are lots of lessons within each link.  There is no expectation that you complete them all, just do what you can.

If you are short on time, we recommend you focus on reading!

Reading - 
1. Choose your favourite book. Draw and label one of the characters.

2. Read your school reading book and practise improving fluency. 

3. Use the Reading Planet resources for additional reading material. 

Use the links below for lessons based on some of our Year 2 topics:
Maths - measures
Writing - Persuasion
Geography - hot and cold places
Art - drawing (living things)

Don't forget the half termly homework projects (send via Tapestry and posted on the class webpage). 

There are lots of additional resources on the Get pages on our website too - have a go at some of those if you have time too!