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If your child needs to learn from home please read this section.   

If your child needs to stay at home but is well enough to engage with school work please have a go at some of these activities on the first two days.  Should they be absent from school for longer than two days, we will send you a daily Tapestry post with suggested activities - as far as possible these will be the same, or similar, to those which we are doing in the classroom.  


Reading and Writing: Have you got any non-fiction books in your house?  (If not look on Reading Planet in your library to find an information book there) Can you look at one with your parent.  What is it about? How is it structured? Can you find 3 facts from your book and write sentences about them.  Don't forget careful illustrations. 


Maths: Measuring length.  Stand on a piece of paper, draw around your feet and carefully cut them out.  We can use these footprints as a non-standard measure- can you measure how long your table or sofa is?  Maybe measure the distance from the kitchen to the front door.  How many footprints tall are you and your family?  Can you find a way to record your findings? 


Phonics: We have now covered every sound in Phases 2 and 3 so visit to find games to practice blending and segmenting these sounds.  Finally pop onto Reading Planet and apply your skills in the books on there. 


Physical Development: Can you practise writing your name as neatly as you can?  How many different colours can you use? 


PSED: In class we are learning lots about taking turns.  Can you complete an activity with your family where you have to take turns?  Maybe play a game, do a jigsaw or create a picture together! 


Creative: Can you make a toy that will fly?  What will you make?  How does it fly?  Can you improve the way that it flies? 


Additional links to learning resource webpages can be found here: