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If your child needs to learn from home please read this section.   

If your child needs to stay at home but is well enough to engage with school work please have a go at some of these activities on the first two days. Please send us an update on Tapestry to let us know how they have got on.  Should they be absent from school for longer than two days, and are well enough for work please email the school office to request more work and we will send you a  Tapestry post with suggested activities - as far as possible these will be the same, or similar, to those which we are doing in the classroom.  


Reading and Writing: Can you find a copy of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at home or look at this one . Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Read or watch the story a few times.  Can you re-tell the story to your adult?  Try using the pictures in the book to help you to remember what happens.  

On the second day you might like to draw the characters from the story and turn them into puppets, or even find 3 toy bears and become Goldilocks yourself.  What do each of the characters say?  

Finally, think about what Goldilocks' Mum or Dad might say to her when they find out what she got up to.  How can she say sorry to the bears?  Can you make a card or letter to apologise? 


Maths: Comparing sizes and ordering objects: In the story the objects were found in groups of 3, can you make a collection of different objects in groups of 3?  Maybe 3 shoes, pencils or dinosaurs. Can you order them longest to shortest, tallest to smallest? Try formulating the facts into Maths sentences e.g. the pink shoe is shorter than the blue shoe but longer than the black one.  

Goldilocks got to eat porridge. Can you follow a recipe to make your own bowl of porridge?  What will you put on top of it? Take care to make sure that it's not too hot!


Phonics: The bears lived in the woods, and from their cottage they could hear all different sounds. Try sitting very quietly in the different rooms in your house, what can you hear?  Can you make a sound map for your house drawing the sounds in each room? 

Can you find anything in your house that begins with the b sound like bear?  


Physical Development: Can you practise writing your name as neatly as you can? How many different colours can you use? 

There is a gorgeous version of the story to be found here:

Can you move and dance like the different characters? 


PSED: In class we are learning lots about taking turns. Can you complete an activity with your family where you have to take turns?  Maybe play a game, do a jigsaw or create a picture together! 


Creative: Can you make the bears' cottage?  What will you build it out of?   

Try making your very own bear puppets or mask! 


Additional links to learning resource webpages can be found here: