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Keeping Safe

The NSPCC have introduced a new Report Remove tool whereby children, young people and adults can report nude images of them that are circulating social media and ensure they are taken down. 


Internet Safety

Keeping children safe is priority at West End. We educate and empower our children so that they know how to keep themselves safe on the internet.


We ensure that our curriculum teaches the children how to make safe choices and that they know where to go for help and advice if they are worried about anything. This work is well embedded and reinforced regularly in Computing and PSHE sessions with specific tasks and activities around Esafety. We use a variety of resources for this including the CEOP approved site ‘Think U Know’,  BBC CBBC resources, UKSafer Interent CentreNSPCC resources and a variety of books and stories. Much of our work is delivered in line with the Leeds approved PSHE scheme of work and we also use the support of Horsforth Children's services and local PCSOs. 


In addition to the on-going Esafety education that all classes receive we mark Safer Internet day each year in school.


Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day (SID) is celebrated in nearly 100 countries around the world in February of each year. In Europe, 30 countries mark the day with support from the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme. SID is coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people.


Safer Internet Day 2020- Tuesday 11th February- This year's theme is 'Better Internet Together'- focussing on children and young people celebrating what it means to be themselves on the internet.


This year, the key stage two digital leaders, along with Miss Neill, have launched our school Twitter page- a place where we can share our learning and exciting events with you! A link to our page is here. Please follow us to see what we get up to in school! This will be monitored and updated only by staff or by children under supervision by staff. Although one of the aims is to demonstrate to children how social media can be used and experienced positively. There will also be a competition for children in years 3 to 6 to design a logo for our Twitter page. The winner will be chosen by the digital leaders. 


Miss Neill also delivered assemblies to all children in school on Tuesday based on the 'Better Internet Together' theme. Please click the links below if you wish to view the material that was shared to the children (which has been prepared by, an excellent resource for advice and support).  


Safer Schools App

We are also pleased to announce that we are launching an Internet Safety app that is being used across Leeds City Council schools. It's called 'Safer Schools' and is an online library of videos, articles and resources to support children, families and staff in providing up to date advice about internet safety.


The children will be shown the children's version in assembly at school and given their own log in details if they wish to use it at home. There is a separate log in for parents and carers, with slightly more advanced information within. Below are 2 PowerPoints: one for adults and one for children. Both contain the log ins and QR codes to scan to log in. The app is free to download and use. 

It can be difficult to know which films or TV programmes are appropriate for children to view. This website: provides a guide and reviews to thousands of films and TV programmes to advise you on this. 

Please click on the following links for Parental Support Guides to:

Please see 'Policies' under' Key Information' for West Ends Computing and Internet Policy