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Year 5 Kite Class

Astronaut Training

Kite Class 

In Kite Class we have been so engaged with our learning about Space that to complete this term  we were welcomed into the Astronaut Academy and launched ourselves into Space, with a truly fun filled day. We joined a brave group of boys and girls to take part in Astronaut training. There were certain skills and characteristics we needed to possess as an astronaut or acquire during our training. Throughout the day, we were tested on our physical, social and mental abilities. We had to complete various training activities: a memory test, blind drawing, being in a confined space for 2 minutes whilst lacing up a shoe blindfolded, completing jigsaw puzzles whilst wearing astronaut gloves, constructing a tower using a variety of materials that will hold a marshmellow and a grueling physical test. We are thrilled to say, we successfully completed all of our tasks.

Well Done Year 5!


Here are the children's quotes about the day.


"My favourite part of the today was the spaghetti and marshmellows tower and when we went outside because it made me feel like a real astronaut. I loved it!"



"I particularly enjoyed the football dribbling and the blind drawing with Isla D. I learned that tying a shoelace underneath a table is very tricky! Our astronaut day was sooooo much fun and I enjoyed it so much."



" I loved every activity, especially the survival one, the memory game and in fact, all the mental activities. My top three were the touch ball, the tower and the memory game. Thank you for a great day."



" I really really enjoyed all of it because it was fun and an action-packed day with amazing activities. They were spaced themed and that's our topic. " 



"I REALLY enjoyed astronaut training day! My favourite activity was where we made towers out of spaghetti and other resources (my team won!). I learned that I work well under pressure!"



"This day was amazing because we did lots of great activities and we experienced being an astronaut. My favourite thing was the marshmellow and spaghetti tower. I would love to do it again. Thank you, Commander Whiteside and Seargent Gill."



"It was probably one of the best school days of my life so far. I enjoyed all the physical activities outside and the spaghetti challenge." 



"Our astronaut day was absolutely AMAZING because it really felt like I was training to be an astronaut. My favourite part was the one when we went under the table and tried to do our shoelaces blindfolded."

George P


"Today I had a great day with Commander Whiteside and Seargent Gill. I particularly enjoyed the activity when we had to give instructions to the other person to draw a picture. I am so proud of myself because I got to experience what an astronaut's training is like. My most memorable moment was when we built a tower out of sellotape, string and spaghetti and we had to balance a marshmellow on top. Today has been the best day of year 5 and hopefully Commander Whiteside will plan something like this again. Thanks a bunch."

Jess V

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