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Year 1 Kingfisher Class

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World Book Day Thursday March 3rd 2022 - We love to read! Every day is a world book day!

In Kingfisher Class, we explore together - here are some photos of how we spend our day together.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French We launched our very own investigation and collected lots of evidence! We created binoculars 🧐 to ensure no stone was left unturned and we appointed a photographer 📸. We appointed friends as evidence collectors who went on a hunt for clues. We remembered that we had read a book 📖 about a wombat who demands carrots and loves oats - could it be her? Mrs Yeadon explained that she had spotted a brown bear like creature 🐻 digging holes. Mark, our caretaker, said that he had heard 🐻 rustling and banging earlier that morning...we remembered that the wombat in our story banged on a bin to get the attention of his pet humans - are we her human pets? 😯 We researched wombat tracks and saw similarities in the tracks the creature had left - we had to look carefully! I wonder which continent our wombat is from?


We set home learning through Tapestry each Thursday and ask that it is returned through the platform by the following Monday. These home learning experiences will be focused on reinforcing Key English and Maths skills and will be varied in content allowing for creativity, challenge and accessibility across the class.  These set home learning tasks will be celebrated through a range of different approaches for example comments by a member of staff; next steps for learning; viewing and sharing in class on screen or discussion with the children. 

If your child is having to self-isolate for any reason, use these resources on your first two days. When your child is well enough to access these first two days of resources let the school office know and I will ensure that your child is provided with subsequent days' work.


To help your child to read aloud with increased fluency, pace and understanding please share books daily.  Engaging in varied reading activities is recommended: listen to your child read their reading book; you read a section then your child reader a section of a longer book or story; read to your child and discuss key points in the story; share a picture book or bedtime story; talk about stories and retell favourites; research facts and information of topics of interest; develop a love of reading.


Books will be given out on a Thursday and we would like these returned on a Monday so they can be quarantined for 48 hours before being released from school again on Thursday. Book bags can be brought in daily so children can carry models etc. Water bottles can be carried by hand into the classroom. Snacks are provided by school daily and PE kit is to be worn all day every Monday.

Keep up the amazing reading and use the following links to access your books.