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School Council

British Values thread through all that we do at West End.  Our school council promote these values from the voting process to elect class representative to the shared decision making through discussion, debate and respect.  School council, promoting pupil voice play an integral part in our school development.


School Council gives every child a voice!


Autumn update 2023 .....


This first term has seen our new councillors meeting each other and sharing visions about what they would like to achieve this year.  We have had some great suggestions already with all members sharing a similar goal of wanting to increase the variety of after school club activities. Our extra curricular coordinator has already attended one of our meetings to advise us that from January 2024 we will be working with a new external club provider to offer a new and exciting selection of after school clubs.  School council will be sharing the list of club options with their class members to gain feedback about which would be the most popular choices.     


Members have also expressed a desire to follow the legacy of last years council and continue to work with the PTA to improve our outdoor learning area with den building equipment and the wild nature area.  The firepit and shelter are a valuable asset to our outdoor learning with members  keen to be involved with the next phase of the project.    



Our School Council events and achievements