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Year 4 Heron Class

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Welcome to our class page!


The spring term has allowed Heron class to continue to thrive in all areas of the curriculum. We have thoroughly enjoyed our science topics (Animals including humans and states of matter) that have seen the children be enthused with plenty of practical experiments including weighing gases, melting chocolate and of course, making poo! 


In History, we have learnt a plethora of amazing facts about the ruthless Romans. Making constant comparisons to the Ancient Greek period and how they were able to grow exponentially so quickly and understanding the motives behind their famous invasion of Britannia. We have learned about their best (and worst) military leaders and how they persuasive they could be with all of the benefits that joining the Roman army entailed.


In PE we have become experts in the sport of hockey, learning how to control the ball, use the stick safely and accurately use a variety of passes and shots in game situations. Furthermore, we have learned similar skills in football and have been able to use of all these skills in competitive games of football rounders - in preparation for our summer term of course!


Our maths lessons have focused on multiplication, division and fractions in a very busy term. We have also been completing weekly arithmetic tests to keep our skills 'hot' with topics we have already learned as well as preparing us for some tricky topics ahead. 


Our reading and writing this term has involved us writing some fantastic poetry, a Roman diary, a persuasive leaflet on a fantastic fictional Roman island and finally, a biography on the inspiring Greta Thunberg and her worldwide fight for Climate Change Action! #FridaysforFuture.


We have continued our ukulele lessons every Tuesday morning with Mr Lippert who has taught us a variety of songs that we can play on the ukulele including how to accurately play many different chords.


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Homework is sent out on a Thursday and due back on a Monday. We are using Google Classroom for homework this year. If you need any support with this, please go to our Google Classroom support page.

Provisional Maths Long Term Plans