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Our autumn term allowed us to become real historians looking at the exciting era of the Ancient Greeks. We enjoyed writing a recount on our 'Sparta Day', an Ancient Greek myth, a setting description on our very own Ancient Greek town and we also enjoyed writing a letter to Boris Johnson himself during our writing week, discussing his decision on pay for our key workers - very controversial!


Us Herons continue to learn about the ancient world, and this time we are focussing on arguably the greatest military force of the ancient world, the Romans! We will be making lots of comparisons to the Ancient Greeks, looking at both similarities and differences, as well as trying to understand the way of Roman life and how their exponential growth helped them to become such memorable ancient empire.


Our classroom tables have been named after the five most famous Roman leaders of the Ancient Rome period. These are; Augustus, Hadrian, Vespasian, Claudius and of course... Caesar!


We are also fortunate enough to be having ukulele lessons this term. These will take place at 10.30am-11.15pm on a Tuesday morning.


Our PE days our now Tuesday and Thursday. We will be learning invasion games and dance.


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Homework is sent out on a Thursday and due back on a Monday. We are using Google Classroom for homework this year. If you need any support with this, please go to our Google Classroom support page.

Here are some photos of Heron class flaunting their artistic flair. Our art display will be their own take on an Ancient Greek vase. Watch this space!

Wow! There was an incredible show of courage and determination on display during our Sparta Battle Camp! The unforgiving and relentless activities had the new Spartans working harder than they have ever worked before in preparation for battle. Key training stations including spear throwing and stealing! A huge well done to the Sparta hoplite class of 2021!

Welcome to Ancient Greece! The Trojan War.

In our first lesson on the Ancient Greeks, the children have been learning all about the key events in the Ancient Greek era including the influence of the Gods when Paris, the Prince of Troy, stole the Queen of Sparta, Helen as Aphrodite's 'gift'. After ten long years in battle, it was surprisingly the WIT of the Spartans that led them to victory with their Trojan horse trick! Who knew the Spartans weren't just mighty in battle?

Here are Heron class making the most of the sunshine with some outdoor learning. The children worked incredibly hard to combine their agility skills to making sentences from the different nouns, verbs and adjectives they collected.

Below, you can see the children acting as 'counters' as they further their understanding of a place value on our 'super-sized' place value chart. They explored how to find both the smallest and largest number and utilised their communication and teamwork skills in races to build their number first!

Place value fun!

Provisional Maths Long Term Plans