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Year 3 Raven Class

Meet our Raven Class team!

The children have enjoyed being back in class and it has been wonderful to welcome them all back. We have begun to develop our Rainforest animations through Purple Mash. The children have been getting to know the program by creating their own flip book style animations. We have constructed our Rainforest dioramas from box modelling and made the plasticine animals to go in them. 


The children have really appreciated the sunnier and warmer days and so they have begun to develop our outside learning environment. We have been digging out the old flower beds and have replaced them with new flowers ready for Summer. 


The staff and children in Raven Class had the most exciting afternoon on the school field! Chris delivered the afternoon with enthusiasm, fun and really helped to bring the best out of the children. They worked in mixed groups and together designed and created the most effective den. I was so impressed with their team building skills, they worked well together, ensuing that everyone in the team had a voice and could contribute their ideas. Each and every child smiled throughout the whole afternoon and demonstrated so many qualities. One group had even brought a sketch and plan of their den, true dedication. I was exceptionally proud of all the Ravens!

The wonderful weather is helping Raven class to become even fitter and healthier during our PE lessons.

We had lots of fun in PE working on their catching and throwing skills!

Raven class doing some role play based on our class book Varjak Paw

Year 3 loved learning about Ancient Egypt as part of our topic focus this half term.

Raven class enjoyed learning about Diwali with some beautiful Rangoli patterns.

Look at some of the fabulous art work we have done this half-term!

We really enjoyed supporting Children in Need!

Some lovely English work from Raven class using apostrophes!

Year 3 Raven Class



Dear Raven class, 

I am thrilled that you have joined me in Raven Class this September. I am really excited about being your teacher and am looking forward to the fantastic year we have ahead of us. It was lovely to meet you all this week and I enjoyed learning a little bit more about you.

I've included some top tips for you and your parents to ensure the first few weeks in September runs smoothly. Firstly, the Raven Class team will consist of me, Mr Kelsey, Andrea and Mrs McCourt.


 Trays - We will be using deeper trays to keep all your belongings in so the cloakroom is only for coats. 

What goes in the tray? – Your book bags, pencil cases, water bottles and packed lunch boxes.


Pegs – Your peg needs to be for your coat ONLY . 


Fruit - We do not have free fruit in Key Stage 2 but I encourage you to bring a healthy snack of fruit or veg for playtime. If you wish to bring a piece of fruit or veg, this can be kept in your book bag in your tray. Please  bring a full water bottle each day to ensure you have a clean, fresh supply.

Please remember that Raven Class PE day is Tuesday and you should come to school in your PE kit for the day. Friday will be our ICT day, where we will have the opportunity to work in the ELS for our maths and English as well as our wider curriculum. 


In the first term Raven Class will be looking at finding out about the way of life of people living in Ancient Egypt from archaeological discoveries. You will learn the importance of the River Nile for this great civilization. We will also spend a great deal of time looking at the afterlife and mummification as this was one of the key parts of the Egyptian way of life and their beliefs. We also be looking at the way of life of people living in the transitional periods between the Stone Age and the Iron Age.  You will develop an understanding of characteristic features of a society; identify the different ways the past is represented; and use sources of information to make simple observations, inferences and deductions. 


As you know we are rolling out the use of Tapestry in Y1 Y2 and Y3 for the initial purpose of setting and returning homework. We will set homework through Tapestry each Thursday and ask that it is returned through the platform by the following Monday. These home learning experiences will be focussed on reinforcing Key English and Maths skills and will be varied in content allowing for creativity, challenge and accessibility across the class.  These set tasks will be celebrated through a range of different approaches for example:  comments by a member of staff; next steps for learning; viewing and sharing in class on screen or discussion with the children. 


Any other snapshots of home learning or exciting moments that are sent into school via Tapestry, whilst welcome,  may not be commented upon or shared in class due to time restrictions.


Despite the changes we have had to make this year, I want to assure you we will have a fun and exciting year with lots of great opportunities to use the outdoor learning space with fab opportunities to use cross curricular links. We are all really excited about this year and hope you are too. 


Mr Kelsey, Mrs McCourt and Andrea