West End Primary School and Nursery

Be Your West End Best



Our Thrive Curriculum embeds the concept of using heads, hearts and hands to develop the skills and attributes required to be global citizens of the modern world.  We intend for our children to be able to make their own well-informed choices and through our thrive curriculum we aim to support them in exploring the impact of their choices. We prioritise the development of children’s personal, social and emotional education from their very first day at school with us, and all through their time at West End. We have the goal of our children being ready to tackle challenges they face in their next stage of education when they move on from us.

As a school, and in accordance with the National Curriculum’s expectations and the local authorities agreed syllabuses, we aim to ensure that all our pupils:

  • Become resilient: have the confidence, calmness and control to overcome obstacles
  • Are tolerant, kind and caring individuals
  • Foster a love of sport and physical activity to achieve healthy bodies and minds
  • Grow a mindset to be able to take on challenges and embrace new experiences
  • Develop collaborative skills: become team players and develop leadership and ambition
  • Understand British Values and begin to understand what values they hold



At West End Primary School, our approach to our bespoke Thrive Curriculum consists of a comprehensive and developmental programme of teaching and learning, which we deliver in the context of a healthy school, where the emotional and physical health and wellbeing of pupils and of the whole school community are actively promoted.  Outdoor learning in our school grounds and local area helps the children connect with their surroundings and local community. As skills and knowledge within the thrive subjects progress throughout school, teachers assess acquisition and confidence of key skills and curriculum leaders monitor and drive the development of their individual subjects. In RE, the Leeds agreed syllabus and scheme of work are followed to ensure a clear progression of knowledge, skills and experiences. This allows children to explore and engage in different religious customs, beliefs and traditions through primary and secondary resources. We have a comprehensive programme of study for PSHE which ensures that the statutory requirements of the Relationship, Sex and Health Education framework is delivered to support the social emotional and health education of all our children. Our PE curriculum ensures that there is a clear development of skills to help the children enjoy a range of physical activities and sports.



Our Thrive Curriculum has a positive influence on the ethos, learning and relationships throughout the school. It is central to British Values and to achieving our school’s stated vision and values.

The impact of our Thrive Curriculum is that the knowledge and skills our children gain provides them with the tools to understand who they are and to navigate the diverse and ever changing make up of our community, country and the wider world. Our children go on to be confident at recognising and dealing with the big emotions we all feel; showing empathy and consideration for the feelings and beliefs of those they encounter throughout their lifetime. Children at West End know how they use their heads, hearts and hands to thrive at school and in their lives beyond their time with us.