West End Primary School and Nursery

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The Rule of Law

Our School Rules:  Listen and learn, follow instructions, show respect.

These embody the principles by which we live as a community. Children are encouraged to think about these and how they protect the rights of all to learn, be safe and be happy.


Class Rules - these are arrived at through discussion and agreement. The children can be heard reflecting on these rules showing an understanding of how individual rights are protected in law, but come with a responsibility to respect the rights of others.


Playground Rotas - these have been devised using input from the children and ensure that all members of the school community can use the playground, grounds and equipment safely and fairly.


School Assemblies frequently focus on these rules and the way in which they are followed in school, and how the rules work to protect all in different contexts.


Philosophy for Children P4C - These are wide ranging and allow the children to discuss a variety of themes. The following themes included discussion which led to the concept of rules to protect the individual liberty of all citizens - compulsory schooling, school uniform, free choice of activities at school, the right to be different, the right to hold different views.