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Relationship , Sex and Health Education

Relationship Education is at the heart of our work at West End and we teach the fundamental building blocks to enable our children to make and maintain positive relationships within school and beyond. Kindness, consideration and respect are core values we model to and instil in our children. We teach the children what healthy friendships are, about family relationships and other relationships the children are likely to encounter. We teach about behaviour in relationships, particularly with regards to online behaviour and safety. We teach our children how to be confident in knowing what they want from relationship and how to help and support themselves and each other in achieving this. Our children know where to go for help with their relationships, they know about permission and consent and they know how to report abuse. In school nurture work is used to support individuals and groups of children who may need some additional support in developing positive relationships. Sand tray therapy,  Silver SEAL and draw and talk therapy are just some of the programmes that our children access.


We follow a well designed PSHE scheme of work which enables taught sessions throughout the years to cover key content which teaches about emotional wellbeing and physical health, keeping safe and looking after ourselves, changes and how to cope with them and knowledge of first aid. Our policy attached below gives an overview of coverage across school as an appendix document and links with other curriculum areas - PE, Science, Design Technology and Computing- are identified.


Our use of Quality Circle Times, stories, assemblies, school and class events, all help to promote and address key ideas and themes, give positive messages and affirmations around relationships and personal and social development. Use of our school grounds, local area, visits and visitors all enhance our PSHE provision. For example our children learn from visiting NSPCC representatives about staying safe, from yoga instructors about relaxation and self care and from dental students about looking after their teeth. 


We have a well-designed, age appropriate Sex Education programme which is delivered in a sensitive and safe way to our children. Our RSE policy has been approved by staff, parents and governors and is regularly reviewed. Parents and carers are regularly updated on the content of our Sex Education lessons prior to them being delivered and they are consulted on any key changes. 


RSE and Health education guidance