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Pupil Voice and Growth Mindset

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United Nations Convention - Article 12 The Right to an Opinion

Growth Mindset

We foster growth mindset in the children by developing their confidence to learn from their mistakes. We develop resilience by allowing the children to take risks in a safe supported environment and make errors along the way. We nurture openness and honesty, so that the children feel empowered to speak up for themselves and vocalise their hopes and dreams. We encourage them to talk openly about difficulties and problems and support them in finding solutions. We encourage them to celebrate mistakes as a key to learning. 

Each class displays a learning line which children and adults use to discuss the learning journey and how it has pitfalls before the highs of success.

Children in school are encouraged to change the mindset of "I can't do it." to "I can't do it yet!"




I’m not good at this

What am I missing?

I give up

I’ll use a different strategy

It’s good enough

Is this really my best work?

I can’t make this any better

I can always improve

This is too hard

This may take some time

I made a mistake

Mistakes help me learn

I just can’t do this

I am going to train my brain

I’ll never be that smart

I will learn how to do this

Plan A didn’t work

There is always Plan B

My friend can do it

I will learn from them