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Physical Education


Our vision at West End is to ensure all children enjoy physical education and sport. We promote teamwork, imagination and personal health and fitness in a fun, encouraging environment. We continue to support excellence in PE through promoting healthy active lifestyles, engaging in competitive activities and developing determination to excel in a broad range of PE. All children can access the curriculum and have the opportunity to excel.



At West End Primary School, the physical education provision is broad and balanced throughout all key stages. The children have access to at least two hours of high quality physical education each week. These sessions follow the national curriculum and cover the four main areas of PE; - games, dance, gymnastics and athletics. Children work in teams, small groups, pairs and as individuals. Taking part in team-based sport allows children to practise the life-skills of perseverance, collaboration and resilience. Swimming is a weekly part of our year 3 provision and where there is a need this can continue into higher years for some children.

Leadership qualities are also developed through PE. Our year 6 children organise and run ‘Spirit Alive’ each summer term where they plan activities for mixed age teams; this supports our caring and supportive ethos. Older members of the team encourage everyone to do their best in a positive and secure environment. Year 1, 2 and 3 regularly engage in a morning activity called 'Wake up-Shake up (WUSU)  and year 2 and 3 children in small groups have lead these sessions, as well as creating their own routines and taken part in WUSU inter school competitions.


We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities (please see prospectus page 19-20 or this website under – learning / extra-curricular). Sports activities are popular with the children and these include: rugby, netball, football, cross country, athletics and other more recently introduced sports, such as dodge-ball, golf, tennis and hockey.


Being part of the Airedale and Wharfedale Sports Association and the Leeds Northwest School Sports Partnership provides the school with opportunities to take part in inter-school festivals and city wide competitions, and these are always enthusiastically received.


We believe that physical education and sport have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. In addition, physical education is important in giving children the knowledge, understanding and the skills to make a positive impact on their own health and well-being. Our PE curriculum is very closely linked to our ‘Healthy Schools’ work and offers opportunity for other cross curricular work.