West End Primary School and Nursery

West End Lane, Leeds,
West Yorkshire LS18 5JP

0113 2582819


Meet the Staff

 The Office Manager, Claire Wilson, and the  Finance Officer, Madeleine Roberts, are available to deal with queries.

Teaching Staff


Rebecca Yeadon         Headteacher

Fiona Wharton             Deputy Head/Year 2 Teacher

Helen Dillon                 SENCO/Reception Teacher

Tracy Stones               Nursery Teacher

Phillipa Parker             Reception Teacher

Wesley Marsden         Year 1 Teacher

Sharan Gill                  Year 2 Teacher                     

Rhiannon Broadbent   Year 3 Teacher

Andrew Kelsey            Year 4  Teacher

Hannah Neill               Year 4 Teacher

Jennie Johnson           Year 5 Teacher

Karen Odell                 Year 6 Teacher

Colette Simons            Music Specialist

 Vanessa Woodward   MFL Specialist





Learning Support Staff


Sue Walton                           

Ann Heseldin                        

Caroline McCourt                 

Gill Sangster                       

Fiona Wilkinson                   

Jo Osmanaj                         

Nicola Booth                        

Janette Munns                     

Julie Hart                              

Tracy Perkins                       

Shama Butt                          


Site Support Staff


Mark Collett             Site Superintendant

Tracy Probert           Head Cook

Laura Clarke            Assistant Cook

Lindsey Leeming      Kitchen Assistant

Iris Wong                  Kitchen Assistant

Angela Mallett          Kitchen Assistant

Linda Speight           Cleaning Operative

Martyn Wharam        Cleaning Operative