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Nursery - Toucan Class


In the event Nursery needs to be closed, we will stay in contact with the children via Tapestry.


Welcome to Toucans Nursery!

Our main aim is to introduce and embed our Toucan behaviour code; our routines and how to keep safe while we explore and learn in our areas of learning.  Our emphasis is upon enjoyment by learning through play with our focus being on child-led learning.  We will be building upon our learning experiences, developing our self-esteem, confidence, perseverance and resilience, as we get to know each other as individuals.


This term we will be focusing on how to be kind to each other, celebrating acts of kindness, exploring what makes us unique and celebrating diversity, finding out what we enjoy, what our strengths and talents are and what we find more difficult to develop and challenge ourselves in our learning. 


What will your child need to bring to our Nursery? 

Please ensure all your paperwork has been completed and returned to our school office.

Arriving and exiting our Nursery: 

Our Nursery day begins from 8.45am for our morning session until 11.45am. Our afternoon session begins at 12.15pm and runs until the end of our Nursery day at 3.15pm. 

*Our new arrangements: please access our Toucans Nursery by walking along the top path running alongside our school building. You will be greeted by a member of our Nursery team inside our Nursery outside space to direct your child to enter our setting via our Fire Exit door. We request that our parents leave via our Nursery gate (left of our Exit door) at the other end of our Nursery yard (closest to 'Inspirations')to use the lower school path to exit our school grounds.

Please check that your child has the following when they attend our setting:

1. An outside waterproof style coat with hood as we go outdoors everyday. As the weather turns Autumnal please ensure your child has a named hat and pair of gloves. Optional wellington boots can be brought to wear. 

2. To wear comfortable, practical, layered clothing (under our new guidance we will endeavour to keep windows and doors open as much as possible to allow fresh air into our Nursery) in         which your child can easily access the toilet and a pair of secure fitting, comfortable Velcro-fastening shoes which they will wear throughout their day as we do not change our shoes

3. A named pump bag with a spare set of clothes, pants and socks for those 'just in case' moments

4. A packed lunch if staying for the full day

5. Two drinks bottles filled with fresh water - one for during classroom time, the other to drink with lunch


*We request that during COVID-19 restrictions our Toucans children do not bring any extra items from home as they will need to be quarantined for 48 hours to be safely used in our classroom. This term we will reviewing whether we will be introducing our Nursery book bags to enable our children to take our library books home.

Keeping in Touch:

We will be using Tapestry, our on-line learning profile (you will receive an email containing your personal log-in details to access your child's individual profile) to post weekly updates to our families and home-learning tasks to support your child in their learning journey alongside observations of your child's experiences in Toucans. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch on Tapestry if there is anything further I can do to support your child and your family,  

Tracy Stones

Nursery Teacher


Please check our Nursery website calendar for our training days and term dates taking us up to Christmas.


Our Toucans Team: Nursery Teacher Tracy Stones, Teaching Assistant Shama Butt and Teaching Assistant Tracy Perkins...we are all excited to meet you all and welcome you to our setting.


Look at some of the fabulous learning we have done this half-term in Toucans.