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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Giving and sharing love and kindness in PSHE - Valentines buns for children and staff made by Y6

Helping our children to have a positive mental health and wellbeing are the forefront of all the work we do at West End. We are proud to be a MindMate Champion and we take a whole school approach to developing an ethos that promotes positive mental health for all. 

Through our safe, positive and caring environment and our work to encourage children to talk about how they feel we have an open and supportive approach to mental health. We use Zones of Regulation across school with all our children to enable them to explore and regulate their feelings, energy and sensory needs.  Our PSHE curriculum teaches the children the importance of good physical health and positive relationships to promote emotional health and well-being. Our assemblies and whole school events reinforce key messages and strategies for helping our whole school community to develop good mental health and wellbeing. 

We use a range of resources and expertise to help in our work, including support from Horsforth Children's Services.

We love spending time outdoors!