West End Primary School and Nursery

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Global Citizens

We are a Global School!

At West End School, we teach each of our pupils how British values create positive global citizens.

We focus on:  

  • having empathy and sensitivity for others;
  • valuing the environment and understanding sustainability;
  • valuing self-esteem and positive feelings;
  • understanding peace and conflict and co-operating to find resolution;
  • understanding the importance of equality and fairness for all;
  • sharing our own opinions and valuing the views of others;            
  • respecting difference and diversity;
  • understanding the diversity and complexity of the wider world;
  • knowing that we can all make a difference!

The children celebrate the difference and diversity around the world through many celebrations such as cooking global foods, experiencing music from around the world and taking part in traditional dances.  We often invite parents and the local community into school to celebrate with us.

We also teach the key skills of global citizenship across the curriculum areas.  In particular we link our PSHE, geography, RE and English work with the understanding and celebration of different cultures, beliefs and languages as well as looking at environmental and global issues.  Children enjoy showing their work through drama, art and music .

We believe that through the nurture of independent learning and diverse thinking we are developing sensitive global leaders of the future!