West End Primary School and Nursery

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Specific PHSE lessons which look at the meaning of democracy and how this is manifested in British life. They gain an understanding of free elections, parliament, government debate/opposition, and how laws need a majority to be enacted. The children learn how citizens of Britain express their views in a democracy at election time, but also by directly contacting their MP.


School Council. All children can stand for school council - within each class prospective councillors put forward their ideas and the rest of the class are able to vote using a secret ballot. Councillors canvass opinions from their class and report back on the decisions that have been made.


Other curriculum subjects. When studying Ancient Greece in year 4 children learn about the beginnings of democracy and how that was different to the democratic system of modern Britain. When studying WW2, they gain an understanding of the threats to democracy and the ways in which it has been defended.