Do you have any costumes, props or cd's we can please borrow for our role play theatre?

Welcome back to our Spring Term! We hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday.

 "Frozen" arrives in Toucan Class:

There has been a great deal of excitement in Toucan Class as the children have helped to pack away our role play house to make room for our grand official opening of our new role play "Frozen" inspired theatre. The children have enjoyed helping each other to get dressed into their chosen outfits and the Nursery Team have been modelling and promoting good use of speech and communication. We have had lots of opportunities to practise our rhymes and songs (from our Nursery song booklets) singing into echo microphones and we are encouraging the children to be creative to re-tell or create their own stories.The children have also had opportunities to learn how to use the cd player, practising their recognition of numbers as we select certain songs to play.

Our "Frozen" inspired Theatre promoting confidence and self-esteem in our Toucan children.