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We hope you like the new look website! Class pages are now located in the 'Children' zone. Well done to all our children who helped to raise £105 as part of our World Book Day celebrations

Nursery - Toucan Class

Spring Time.

 Our main aim this half term in the lead up to Easter is to  welcome & settle our new February/March starters and to continue and build upon our learning experiences with our established Toucans, having lots of fun in the process! We welcome your support to enable your child to become independent and confident in our setting. We will be providing a wide breadth of wonderful experiences to fully support our Foundation Curriculum. Our main focus this half term as the weather begins to change is 'Spring & New Life' with our main theme being 'Then & Now'. As part of our Baby Project we would like to invite members of our Toucan families to come in to Nursery to share their pregnancy experiences with our children and have the opportunity to bath a 'real' baby in our setting.  Our special class baby, Baby Amy (she has become quite the celebrity in our Horsforth Community!) will begin her overnight sleep-overs with each of our Nursery children  having the opportunity to treat her like a 'real' baby, including her in their family life, recording their experiences in our class diary. As part of  our celebrations for Book Week we would like our parents/carers to sign-up to share their favourite children's book by reading to our children at the beginning or end of our Nursery sessions. We will also be sending home our new Toucan Rhymes & Song Booklet this term for you to enjoy sharing at home. Our emphasis as always in Toucan Nursery remains unchanged and  is upon  excellence and enjoyment and learning through play with our focus being on child-led learning.

  Wk 5. 19/03  into Wk 6. 26/03/18

Our class Baby project continues to go well; Baby Amy is one lucky baby..... she has enjoyed all her sleep-overs & adventures. Please keep your wonderful diary entries coming, they are the highlight of our day during our carpet sessions when we share all your fabulous activities that you have done with our special class baby.

As part of our Mindfulness work in Nursery we have successfully launched our Pom Pom pets (class pets that can be easily placed lovingly into  your pocket to touch/stroke when needed to help boost confidence and a sense of belonging for those children who experience a wobble on entry or during the Nursery session), I can.... sticks ( to post individual match sticks from the storage pot into our class pot to promote a positive 'I can ' attitude to their personal challenges/targets and achievements, with a class reward being given on the completion of our filled pot!) and Kindness Pom-Poms  (where children who have observed/or been on the receiving end of an act of kindness can nominate a friend to place a pom-pom in to our Nursery pot, with a class reward being given when our pot is filled to the top!)  to support our work in class (in conjunction with our class rules and behaviour Traffic Light system of smiles) and actively help promote our family, supportive  ethos in Nursery.

We successfully launched our optional Nursery decorate an Easter egg competition (our children have the choice to decorate a hard boiled egg... I am very much a Blue Peter Judge and will be looking for inventive, child completed eggs!) from Monday onwards. Thank you for all your wonderful egg creations which have come in so far... please keep them coming. Our competition winners will be announced on Monday 26th March.

Thank you to all our families who supported our FOWE PTA events. We raised £139.80 at our Easter Bun Sale and £555.80 at our school Easter Disco. We appreciated your calmness and support when we needed to evacuate the disco due to the dj's smoke machine setting off our school fire alarm!  Our regular dj will be returning for our Summer end of year disco.

We were exited to celebrate the first official day of Spring which coincided with National Happiness Day and we have made an excellent start at our wonderful Easter cards, carefully observing and painting (what we could see, not what we thought we could see!) still-life Daffodils in readiness for our lovely mummies and daddies.

The high-light this week has been our Sport Relief Mile activities,  joining our Year 5's to run six laps (= 1 mile) within our school grounds together. We would like to collect all our sponsorship money in please to support Sport Relief by Monday 26th March. We also had fun cheering on ("Go West End!!") our brothers, sisters and friends in Reception, Year 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6, shaking our bells, shakers and clackers to encourage them to keep on running to complete their mile as part of our school-wide celebrations. Well done everyone for your brilliant efforts.


Polite Reminder: We are inviting all our Nursery children, toddlers and parents/grandp's to join us for our annual (Please sign-up at our Question Table)  Easter Egg Hunt/Egg & Spoon Race on Wednesday 28th March from 9.00am, lasting around 15minutes. 

Latest Toucan Class Nursery Events

Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race24Mar2018

@ London, Thames.

British Summer Time Begins25Mar2018

@ Clocks go forward 1 hour into Spring!

Nursery Easter Egg Hunt & Egg & Spoon Dash28Mar2018

9:00 am - 9:30 am @ in our school grounds

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Scholastic Book Fair in our School Hall28Mar2018

3:15 pm - 29 mar, 8:00 pm

Break up Easter hols (2 Wks)29Mar2018

Maunday Thursday. School/Nursery ends at 3.15pm, enjoy a lovely family Easter Holiday. We re-open again on Monday 16th April.

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