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Nursery - Toucan Class

Autumn Time. New Beginnings

 We hope all our West End families have enjoyed a super holiday, basking in our warmest summer... ever!!! We are excited to be starting a new academic year in Toucan Nursery. Our main aim this busy half term in the lead up to our October half term is to offer a warm welcome to our returning Nursery children and to extend our welcome to all our new starters into our setting. We will be establishing and reinforcing our routines and welcome your support to enable your child to become independent and confident in Toucan Class. We will be providing a wide breadth of wonderful experiences to fully support the Foundation Curriculum. Our emphasis is upon excellence and enjoyment and learning through play with our focus being on child-led learning. We will be building upon our learning experiences (developing our self esteem, confidence & resilience) as we get to know each other as individuals, by following the children's interests and learning how to be a member of our Toucan Family. Our main focus this half term is upon ourselves, celebrating our uniqueness, diversity and differences. As part of our Project work  we will be celebrating Harvest and looking at the changes taking place in nature as the weather transitions into Autumn.  Please check our Nursery Website Calendar for all our forthcoming Autumnal events.

Click here to see what we have planned for the whole year.

Week 6. 08/10/18

Wow! What an amazing week we are enjoying in Toucan Nursery having fun exploring our environment...learning how to work in our areas (developing our sharing skills - staying Green!) of learning and developing friendships that may well last a life-time! 

Exploring and having fun with Shapes:

We have had the opportunity to work with different coloured shapes with different sizes this week. We have approached the task from our interest level. Some of us have stacked vertically to create towers, some have focused on creating sets and counting whilst some of us have created patterns, without gaps (tessellating)problem solving which shapes best fit the gaps and those with a creative flair have purposefully created pictures using their everyday knowledge and experiences.

Self Portrait Paintings:

This half term we have been sharing Circle Times focusing upon our unique self linked to our PSED work. We have been learning each other's names and learning what makes us special as individuals. We are all fortunately blessed with good health in Toucans and have the full use of all our thinking brains, senses and limbs. Individually we have had the opportunity to complete a teacher directed task to create a portrait of ourselves, looking in the mirror (to note the shape of our faces and the colour of our skin, hair and eyes) to observe what we see. We are excited that our portraits are almost completed in readiness to create our Toucan Family self portrait gallery.

Sensory Opportunity to Explore Materials:

We had great fun as we used our senses to mark-make in thick, shaving mousse in our Outdoor Classroom. There were lots of discussions, developing our descriptive language about how it felt (& smelt) on our hands and arms.

Nursery Parent Consultation Appointments:

We cannot believe that we are approaching the end of our first, busy half term in Nursery as you have seen through our regular Tapestry posts. We have had the opportunity to meet lots of our wonderful parents and carers (you are an equally important member of our Nursery family) across the term and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind help and support. We will be giving you an opportunity to book an appointment slot to meet with your child's Key Worker to receive personal feedback as to how your child is settling within our setting.

Your Child's Key Worker:

We work very much as a staff team in Nursery but to ensure every child in our setting is fully supported we assign every child a Key Worker to be their extra pair of eyes and ears, to keep our children safe, building a two - way relationship so that we get to know your child on every level inside out. We have sent home slips this week to inform you who your child's Key Worker is in Toucans. If you have any questions regarding how your child is being supported in their settling - in process please do not hesitate to come and speak with me.

We have enjoyed challenging ourselves on our Trim Trail and Sensory Areas developing our core stability, balance and strength. 

Nursery Homework:

We hope you are enjoying learning and sharing our rhymes and songs at home in our Nursery Hot & Cold Booklet, supporting our Level 1. Phonics & Sounds carpet sessions.We have had great fun focusing upon learning the song "Picking up Conkers" this week.

Please recruit the help of family members to enjoy playing a game of Snakes and Ladders with your child using the copy of our Numicon Snakes and Ladders sent home this week in your child's book bag.

Friends of West End PTA optional Christmas Card Project:

Every child in Nursery has taken a slip home in their book bags explaining how to create (you can paint, stick, collage your design using any materials of your choosing)and order your very own personalised Christmas cards. Please visit:https:/www.apfsorders.co.uk Money raised from the purchases of your child's card will go to our school PTA fund to buy extras for our school. Please return your finished pictures to me with your child's personalised sticker on the back (making a note of your ID number) once they have been scanned into the company's system you will be notified to enable you to view your artwork & place your orders directly from the company using your code.Thank you for your support.

Polite Reminders:

Dressing for our British Weather:

Our Nursery children have the choice to work inside or out everyday in our Toucan classrooms. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate safe footwear that stays securely on their feet and that they are appropriately dressed (we recommend layers) to be able to fully access  and enjoy our areas of learning. Your child will also need a raincoat with hood and may still possibly require (fingers crossed!) a named sun-hat and bottle of sun-cream!


We hope you have now begun to receive our regular updates (please ensure you have checked your junk mail for your invitation to log into Tapestry... any problems please call at our school office and they will be happy to help you get up and running) of observations, photographs and postcards through your child's Tapestry electronic learning journey which will chart their experiences and progress across the year. We believe in working in close partnership with our families to nurture well-rounded, happy and contented learners (your child's Nursery experiences will have an impact upon your child's home life and vice versa) and we welcome your comments as parent/carers and appreciate your emailed postcards from home to share your child's learning and life-experiences outside of our Nursery setting. 

Personal Progress and Targets:

We have begun to base-line our children (in a very relaxed, fun, informal way... learning through play) as they begin to settle into our Nursery setting to see where they presently are in their learning to enable our Nursery Team  to build upon their experiences by setting personal targets to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to extend their early years learning. We hope you will be able to support your child over this half term in practicing  and developing  their targets using their target slips as part of their Toucan homework tasks.

Advance Notice: Please book your feedback appointment to meet with your child's Key Worker via our School office

Latest Toucan Class Nursery Events

Nursery Parent Consultation Evening with your Child's Key Worker17Oct2018

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm @ In our Toucan Nursery

Key Worker feedback about your child's settling in process. Please make your appointment via our School Office

Break up half term holiday26Oct2018

3:15 pm - 3:15 pm

1 week holiday, returning Monday 5th October. Enjoy your holiday.

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