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Reception - Robin Class

Autumn 6       week commencing 8.10.18


Lovely Leaves and Conkers Bonkers!


Our work this week has been inspired by two stories: Leafman and Conkers Bonkers!

Leafman is a beautifully illustrated book using photographs of real leaves.  As Leafman is blown through the sky he spots creatures below who are also made out of leaves.  The children had great ideas about other leaf creatures and made their own characters.  They were so proud of the outcome of these that we are going to add display them in the classroom.  This meant that every child needed to write a label (a chance to assess pencil grip and letter formation), cut out some leaves (scissor skills) and proudly display their work.  Leaf fun continued indoors and out.  Some children used leaves to create giant pictures which then blew away, organise a treasure hunt in leaves using the metal detectors and some made a leaf necklace (fine motor skills).  

The children are already bonkers about conkers and this provided a great opportunity to count, sort and sequence.  This interest will be continued with a visit from a very special conker caterpillar! 

Our reading work this week has been specific phonic activities, encouraging the children to blend and segment words in reading and writing.  All children have been encouraged to change their books, thank you for supporting reading at home too.   

In phonics we have learnt lots more letters - ck, e,u,and r and we are really enthusiastically blending these letters for reading.  Some children are happy to have a go at writing using the sounds that they know, but others are more reluctant.   Next week's letters will be  h,b,f,l  please keep reviewing the letter recognition regularly as good progress with these early sounds provides firm foundations for developing literacy skills. 

Another lovely opportunity this week is observing the children as they continue to grow in confidence and develop friendships.  Highlights have been watching new pairings filled with giggles as they played outside, or other children sticking at longer tasks together with a different friend.  Obviously, friendships can cause problems so we have reinforced some class rules.  If someone does something you don't like say 'STOP' in a clear voice and show one hand.  If it continues, tell a teacher.  If your child voices a concern at home please reinforce this system as it is really empowering the children to communicate their feelings in a positive way. 

PE changing is getting so much faster, keep up the independence and encouragement when changing at home.  COnsequently, we are getting longer PE lessons.  We used our imaginations to become different Leaf Creatures and move in different ways.  Some children were really imaginative and the others loved guessing what they had chosen to be.     

You should have received a message from the PTA about the 'design your own Christmas card' activity they run each year.  All children received a sticker for this in their bookbag, but do ask if you need another one.  If you would like to participate the instructions are on the sticker.  Completed pictures can be returned to Robin Class. 






Can you find a group of objects (natural or man made), play a game of 'odd one out' to decide why one object is different to the others - it might be obvious or more tricky.  Often there is no right answer.  Encourage your child to say 'they are the same because' or 'they are different because' to justify their ideas.  We tried this in class with classroom toys, leaves and even conkers.  There were some great observations. 



Cursive letter formation guidance 

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Look at the some of the fun we have been having whilst learning!


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