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Merry Christmas! School reopens Weds 3rd January. We are closed Tues 2nd January due to staff training

Year 2 Penguin Class      w/c 04.12.17

“In Penguin Class we are polite, smart, sensible, awesome and creative.
We will be kind, try our best and have lots of fun learning!”


Wow, wow, wow!

By now you should all have had the opportunity to watch our Christmas Performance; the children were magnificent!  They remembered their lines and actions, coped well if something didn't quite go to plan, sung their hearts out and looked spectacular!  We were very proud of their achievements and they felt rewarded for all of their hard work.  Thank you for all of your help with lines and costumes and of course coming along to be a fantastic audience!!

Christmas has well and truly entered Penguin Class, but is also providing some great learning opportunities.  The children followed instructions to make a paper star, and used this to record a Christmas wish.  Their empathy and compassion shone through with some heart felt thoughts.  These are currently displayed in our classroom, but will be brought home at the end of term.  They included wishes such as 'I wish everyone could be loved', 'a bit more love for everyone' and a wish that 'everyone could be treated fairly'.   

Our ICT has linked to maths.  We created Christmas pictures which we turned in stamps before making arrays.  Back in the classroom we wrote mathematical sentences to describe arrays.  These included repeated addition and multiplication sums. 

The children read all about reindeer and were able to use their reading skills to answer questions about the lovely creatures.   We have continued to read about the Christmasaurus in our class story. 

All children brought a letter home to ask for you to bring some food to share at our Christmas Party on Wednesday 13th December.  Please look in bookbags for more details!

Writing 5-finger check rule

1) Capital letters

2) Correctly formed and spaced letters

3) Perfect punctuation

4) Checked spellings

5) Re-reading to check their sentence makes sense!   

To learn more about our plans, homework and key dates look at the Autumn Term Newsletter for Year Two by clicking this link.

To see the Presentation from the Welcome to Year One and Year Two Information Evening please click this link.  

If you want to find out more about BAR MODELLING click here. 

Common Exception Words - please learn to read and spell these throughout Year Two

This Week's Homework

Some children have brought in some fabulous tree decorations; our tree is looking stunning.  Don't forget to bring one this week if you haven't already.  Our journey stories are stimulating lots of discussion. 


This homework is to be completed over the course of the final weeks of the Christmas Term.  We have made this decision as we know that there are alot of pre-Christmas activities occurring out of school.  Both pieces of homework allow the children to present to the class so the children can bring in their homework when they are ready to share their ideas with the class.  If you haven't already done it.....    


Can you spot any arrays around you?  Can you write number sentences for them?   


Keep up the reading practice.  Maybe you can read some festive stories.  


 1) As a culmination to our round the world topic please find out about a Christmas tradition from a different country.  Write a few sentences to share with the class and make a small decoration to represent this tradition to put on our class Christmas tree.  

2) This week, we have launched our whole school Journeys project. As part of this, our assembly theme was the journeys that people make when they move away – to a new town, city or country. We looked at some individual stories of journeys - both contemporary and historical - moving for work, to be near family members, emigration and fleeing conflict or persecution.  We have asked the children to talk with you to find out about journeys their families have made – and to talk about these in class over the next couple of weeks. These journeys can be recent or from generations ago. Maybe you can bring one photo or artefact to explain your family story. 



An extra copy of the list of Common Exception Words is here for future reference.


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