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Year 2 Penguin Class      w/c 19.03.18

“In Penguin Class we are polite, smart, sensible, awesome and creative.
We will be kind, try our best and have lots of fun learning!”

One Small Step for Penguin Class!

The children busily applied their fantastic calculation skills over a mixed range of problems this week.  Confidence and accuracy is really high now amongst most pupils; well done!  We have been revising telling the time and helping each child to move their learning forward a step in reading and writing the times on an analogue clock. 

Please scroll down to see the fabulous photos from our fashion show last week.  The event has provided a great opportunity for lots of real life experience writing.  We have written some fabulous recounts as well as describing the process of designing, making and displaying an outfit!  The children were encouraged to re-read every sentence for 'cohesion'.  That is checking that the sentence gave a clear message.  Some children took this to the next level joining sentences to make paragraphs.  Editing and re-reading ensured our work was just as good as it could be.  Some work was then copied neatly to be displayed in the classroom. 

Our history focus for the week was 'The First Man on the Moon'.  We sequenced facts, read texts and answered questions about our reading to improve our knowledge ready for some report writing next week.  We used ICT to investigate and present facts about Neil Armstrong before looking at the iconic photographs of the event and using charcoal to sketch them.   

Thursday has marked our school efforts to raise money for Sports Relief with a huge array of fun activities.  Photos will be added to the website very soon!  It seems that some of the teachers are still drying out from the incredibly accurate sponge throwing, but all in aid of a good cause.  


Writing 5-finger check rule

1) Capital letters

2) Correctly formed and spaced letters

3) Perfect punctuation

4) Checked spellings

5) Re-reading to check their sentence makes sense!   

To see our class Proposed Long Term Plan for the whole year please click here 

To learn more about our plans, homework and key dates look at the Spring Term Newsletter for Year Two by clicking this link.

To see the Presentation from the Welcome to Year One and Year Two Information Evening please click this link.  

If you want to find out more about BAR MODELLING click here. 

Common Exception Words - please learn to read and spell these throughout Year Two

Additional Information about KS1 SATS: Handout from parent meeting, Assessment Objectives, Questions to ask when reading, More reading questions, Common Exception Words, Click here to view a film that explains the KS1 Assessments.

Please click here for dice and card games to improve maths fluency 

This Week's Homework


This Week's Homework 

 Great maths problem solving Penguins, well done!


As we are reviewing telling the time set your child some time challenges at home e.g. we are going out of the house at ten o'clock - how many minutes until we leave?  Please tell me when the clock gets to quarter past six.  What time will it be in 20 minutes?  Can you tell me how long it has been since we ate our lunch at 1 o'clock?  

Sporty maths timed challenge: Choose 4 activities e.g. hopping across the room, jumping, touching your toes, star jumps, press-ups, skipping, sliding around the table, or something else.  How many of these things can you do in a minute? What about another member of your family? Can you record your achievements in a table or graph?


Great expressive reading skills.  Can you find a non-fiction book and look for a contents page? 


We have been turning verbs into the past tense and the present participle (e.g. pick, picked, picking).  Can you change these verbs?  What is the rule?

There are some verb related activities assigned on Literacy Planet.

List 1` List 2 List 3 List 4






















An extra copy of the list of Common Exception Words is here for future reference.


Our 1960's Fashion Extravaganza!

What a fabulously entertaining afternoon!  The children were delighted to have the opportunity to show off their 1960's fashion accompanied by Miss Simon's impromptu piano playing (the wi-fi connection failed us!) All of the children had designed, decorated and styled their own costumes.  They then planned their catwalk performances to show off their lovely clothes!  It was a delight to see how confidently they strutted down the catwalk.  The children really appreciated the enthusiastic audience and ended the day showing off their museum and art gallery contributions.  Well done Penguin Class, I'm very proud of you all! 


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