Year 2 Penguin Class      w/c 16.10.17

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An amazing assembly, neater handwriting and Diwali activities.

Wow!  What a fabulous assembly.  The children were justifiably proud of their achievements, we hope that you enjoyed watching as much as the class enjoyed performing.  Following the assembly the class wrote letters to Mrs. Yeadon to tell her what she had missed (an unavoidable meeting)!  Their passion was evident in the great vocabulary and phrases they chose to use.  However, they didn't forget to check their spelling and punctuation.  They were rewarded by a special visit from Mrs. Yeadon where they were able to entertain her with some of the highlights!

This week has had a big focus on reading with the children working on comprehension tasks.  It is great to see how all of their hard work reading at home and at school is impacting on their progress; keep it up!

We started our RE work by looking at the features of our own celebrations.  We learnt there were lots of similarities, including: cakes, nice food, party clothes, entertainment, lights and music.  We also identified some differences with photo booths, bouncy castles and special transport featuring among these.  We then watched some films about a girl celebrating Diwali and spotted lots of similarities and differences.  We concluded that we all have a lot in common with each other.  Our artwork this week was Diwali themed, with us designing, making and decorating our own Diva lamps.  Following the directions on the film we tried to make our own candles in the traditional Indian way using ghee and cotton wool; I'm not sure whether they will work!  The children are all aware of the fire safety implications of bringing home candles. 

The skipping workshop was a great success.  Every child was challenged to improve their skills and try something new.  Their teamwork and enthusiasm was infectious; I was very proud of everyone!  The class continued their enthusiasm with lots opting to skip outside at lunchtime too.  We will now be consolidating and perfecting these skills in PE ready for the tournament in February.   

If you would like to buy a plastic skipping rope like the ones we used in training they will be available from the school office for the next few weeks.  They cost £5.00. 

Maths work this week has been shape patterning using pictures, ICT and real objects. The children created symmetrical patterns inspired by Indian Rangoli patterns.  Maybe you could make a symmetrical picture at home using your toys? 

Spelling work this week has been the ue phoneme.  We linked this to our handwriting practice.  Many children are forming their letters well and even trying to join.  We looked at our writing and agreed individual targets, commonly this was to make tall letters taller and keep the sizing of smaller letters consistent.  If you want to practice at home click here to find some printable handwriting lines.  All children know how to use these to improve their writing and at home practice would really benefit them. 

As a reminder:

1) Capital letters

2) Correctly formed and spaced letters

3) Perfect punctuation

4) Checked spellings

5) Re-reading to check their sentence makes sense!   

Recorders - In Year Two all children learn to play the recorder as part of their weekly music lesson.  Recorders and books will need to be in book bags every Thursday, allowing plenty of time for practice throughout the week! 

To learn more about our plans, homework and key dates look at the Autumn Term Newsletter for Year Two by clicking this link.

To see the Presentation from the Welcome to Year One and Year Two Information Evening please click this link.  

If you want to find out more about BAR MODELLING click here. 

Common Exception Words - please learn to read and spell these throughout Year Two

This Week's Homework

 The celebration writing was a great route into our RE topic, thank you to everyone who completed it.  Over half term please take some time to relax and have lots of fun! If you have a skipping rope please practice the skipping moves that you learnt in the workshop.  For your homework this week please choose a country that you don't know much about.  Find one new thing about that country to share with your friends  It might be a game, an activity, a fact, a drawing of the flag, a few words of the language.  If you are feeling more adventurous maybe make a recipe from that country or build a model of a famous building from the country.  Please take a photo, email, draw or write about your country.   


Can you make a symmetrical picture or pattern?  Which shapes can you use?   


Everyone should have new books in their bookbag for lots of holiday reading practice.  After the holiday our world focus will move to the oceans and seas.  Do you have any stories or non-fiction books on this theme?   



Please take a look at the list of Common Exception Words in your child's homework folder.  Can you read them, which can you spell?  Can you learn a few more every day? 


An extra copy of the list of Common Exception Words is here for future reference.


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