West End Primary School

West End Lane, Leeds,
West Yorkshire LS18 5JP

0113 2582819



At West End our aim is to foster a ‘number happy’ environment where maths is interesting, purposeful and enjoyable for all children. Through focused, daily maths lessons, children are encouraged to become logical thinkers, and to make links between areas of experience using a variety of methods and strategies.

The school follows the guidance of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, providing a broad-based and differentiated curriculum, tailored to the individual needs of the learners. We have a number of well-developed maths schemes, including a rigorous approach to teaching key skills through additional ‘mental maths’ sessions. We aim to make lessons enjoyable, practical and as engaging as possible, enabling children to operate confidently in a variety of independent and collaborative settings.

An awareness of the relevance of maths in the ‘real world’ is taught effectively through a variety of resources including ICT, PE and science. With the help and guidance of adults in school, children are encouraged to apply their mathematical understanding to a wide range of practical situations and are challenged (and supported) to reach the next steps of attainment.

Maths achievements are celebrated in school through weekly assemblies, and children have the opportunity to enhance their key skills through participation in the popular extra-curricular ‘Mathletics’ programme.


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