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West Yorkshire LS18 5JP

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Merry Christmas! School reopens Weds 3rd January. We are closed Tues 2nd January due to staff training

Events Gallery                                                                                       Autumn 2017

British Legion Poppy Sale

Our dedicated Year 6 children managed to sell all of our poppies this year and we raised a huge £291.36 for the British Legion. We marked the occasion in school with a special remembrance assembly. 

Children in Need 

Amazing teamwork from our School Council who organised a brilliant bun sale, raffle draw and photo shot session with Pudsey Bear. We raised £500 for Children in Need Charities and had a lot of fun along the way. The real highlight was meeting Pudesy and the anticipation of waiting to see who had won Blush Bear. Linking with parents and Lloyds Bank enabled these lovely events to be so successful

Takeover Day 

This year we marked the occasion by having special visitors in to school. We welcomed  our school governors to work alongside us to learn more about their role in helping run our school. We found out a little about the school budget, how the finance and resources committees work and then began to budget for new playground markings. 

Across school we learnt more about the world of work and the different jobs the adults we know have in school at home and in the wider world of employment. As part of this work we discovered that some work is paid and some is voluntary, such as the role of a school governor. We were also visited by advisors from Santander who talked to us about their jobs and gave us some valuable lessons on how to manage our money both now and in the future.

 Christmas sing along with West End Choir at the Horsforth Farmer's Market

As part of our ongoing link with the members of the Horsforth Live At Home Scheme we linked together with members of their group, ReminiSing, and our school choir to entertain shoppers at the Horsforth Farmer's Market.  A range of popular carols and Christmas songs were sung by the groups, their achievements recognised by huge applause from the passing shoppers.   Both groups had a fantastic time and are already planning to make this an annual event.  

The Live at Home Scheme have received a number of visits from different groups of school pupils, working together on a range of topics including: traditional games, sampling baked goods produced by the cookery club and of course a Christmas sing-along.  This collaboration is mutually beneficial with both groups looking forward to continuing our links.  Thank you to all of the staff who support on these regular visits, and a special thanks to the members of staff who ran and the parents who sponsored, the  Yorkshire Marathon. This event raised £252.50 for the scheme.